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The Science Behind Techno Wrapping Systems


A Dry Home is a Warm, Healthy Home.

From the heat and humidity of the North to the snow and ice in the South, New Zealand homes have to combat moisture in all forms to keep you warm and dry.

Just like you, your house needs to breathe, and the lungs of your home reside with a quality Roof and Wall Wrap.

For this your Roof and Wall Wrap needs to have the following properties…

  • Waterproof Exterior
  • Breathability for Vapour Transfer
  •  Moisture Absorption
  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Hi UV Resistance (for ease of installation)
  • High Wind Loading (for ease of installation)
  • High Flashing Tape Adhesion Strength and Durability

What Do We Really Want to Do?

Two seemingly simple requirements for keeping buildings dry trouble engineers, architects & builders almost endlessly:

  • Keep water out
  • Let water out if it gets in

Water can come in several phases:  liquid, solid & vapour.

The liquid phase as rain and surface or flood water has driven everyone crazy for hundreds of years but can be readily understood – drain everything and remember the flashing.

The solid phase also drives everyone crazy when we have to shovel it or melt it, but at least most professionals understand the related building problems.

But the vapor phase is in a complexity all by itself, as most of the time it is undetectable to the human eye but can create huge issues if not absorbed and expelled in the correct way.

Absorbable Wrap Vs Non-Absorbable Wrap

Have you ever worked out in the rain with a PVC Raincoat and PVC overtrousers? Notice how it doesn’t take too long before you are as wet inside the “Wet Weather Gear” as you would have been had you not worn it?

That is because the temperature inside the “Water Barrier” is higher than outside and a build up of sweat mixed with condensation has built up and turned from vapour into water. The same happens on a house if you have a non absorbent membrane rather than a non-absorbent building wrap.

Watertight Roof & Wall Wrap from Techno Wrapping Systems repels water and is waterproof on the exterior side of the membrane but will absorb 200g of water per square meter from the stud side, drawing it through to the atmosphere via a one way permeable membrane, essentially drying your home like a silent water pump. 


The numbers speak for themselves

90 Days UV Exposure
200 g/sqm M Absorbtion
50 Years Durability

Quality comes first! We make sure that every minute detail is looked into manufacturing products. Our focus is 100% on client needs and satisfaction.