Premium roof and wall wrap, flexible flashing tapes, delivered throughout New Zealand


Watertight® Roof and Wall wrap, and Watertight® Premium Flexible Flashing Tape stands 90 days UV exposure!

Techno Wrapping Systems are suppliers of top quality self adhesive flashing tapes and BRANZ appraised building wrap products, specifically engineered for the New Zealand climate & conditions. 

Techno Wrapping Systems are the Moisture Barrier Industry Leaders for the New Zealand Building Community. Supplying only Premium Solutions at highly competitive prices.


Watertight® Roof & Wall Wrap

  • Withstands 90 Days UV Exposure!
  • Suitable for use in all Wind Zones including Very High and Extra High.
  • Meets and exceeds BRANZ No 938(2017) and BRANZ No 939(2017)

Watertight® Flashing Tape

Watertight® is a multi-purpose window flashing tape  designed to prevent water penetration around window and door openings at framing junctions. 

New Products In Development

Techno Wrapping Systems are constantly developing new and improved moisture barrier solutions.

New Zealand’s perfect solution for Architects, Builders, DIYers & Families that demand dry healthy homes!

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