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"Next-generation wrapping systems"

That can withstand 90 days UV exposure at an affordable price!

Extremes of weather can play havoc with even the most well constructed homes. Harsh Sunlight, Torrential Rain even Snow can all take their toll, allowing moisture to seep in.

Techno Wrapping Systems Watertight® Wall and Roof Wraps provide a durable, weather-resistant barrier that keeps moisture out, protecting the building from mould, timber rot and corrosion.

Watertight® roof and wall wraps withstand 90 days of UV exposure and extremely high winds, giving builders and developers peace of mind that their houses will be safe and dry.


Industry Focused Products!

Watertight® roofing underlayment and wall underlay from Techno Wrapping Systems in Auckland and be assured of a durable, watertight wrapping system that will last.

Available throughout New Zealand, our flexible flashing membranes consist of a breathable micro-porous, water-resistant polypropylene film laminated between two layers of spun bonded polypropylene. These premium building products can be used in both timber and steel framed buildings.

Purchase both your Watertight® roofing underlay and wall underlay from Techno Wrapping Systems for your next build, and you’ll get a great price deal.  For more information, download a brochure or make an enquiry now about our building wrap products.

Benefits of Watertight® wall and roofing underlay

You know you’re getting a premium product when you purchase Watertight® wall underlay and roof underlayment. Both products have been independently assessed by BRANZ (appraisal No. 938 [2017] and No. 939 [2017]) and found to meet a range of requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

The advantages of using Watertight® wall underlay:

  • Can be left exposed to direct sunlight for up to 90 days
  • Can be used with direct fixed absorbent and non-absorbent wall claddings.
  • Can be used under cavity-based wall claddings as an absorbent synthetic wall underlay on steel framed buildings
  • Can be used in NZS 3604 Building Wind Zones up to and including extra high winds
  • 200g/sqm moisture absorption.

The advantages of using Watertight® roof underlayment :

  • Can be left exposed to direct sunlight for up to seven days
  • Can be used in NZS 3604 Building Wind Zones up to and including extra high winds
  • 200g/sqm moisture absorption.
For quality assurance, Techno Wrapping Systems recommends you use our premium Watertight® flexible flashing tape with any Watertight® underlay.  Watertight® wall and roof underlay products are suitable for the domestic, commercial and industrial building sectors.
Watertight® Brochure Chinese
Watertight® Brochure (Chinese)
Watertight® Brochure English
Watertight® Brochure (English)

Watertight® Roof Uses

Watertight® Roof Wrap

Roof Installation

Watertight® Roof & Wall Wrap is placed directly over the rafters on the insulating material. Stretch horizontally over the entire roof surface.
Watertight® Ridge Overlap

Ridge Overlap

The overlap at the ridge should be at least 200mm
Watertight® Roof Overlap

Roof Overlap

Overlap the Watertight® Roof & Wall Wrap by 150mm.
For pitches under 22º, overlap by at least 200mm
Watertight® Flashing Tape Use

Flashing Tape Use

For overlaps and damage to Watertight® Roof & Wall Wrap, use our Watertight® Premium Flashing Tape

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