Techno TOTALSAFE High Quality Transparent pc Autoclavable Over Glasses


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About These Goggles:
This goggle conforms to the European EN166 standard and uses optical quality 1 lenses making them ideal for use over long periods.

They make an ideal choice for schools and labs where goggles are to be used temporarily and returned.

These goggles are B rated for strength and resistance to liquid splashes with special indirect vents which many health and safety officers and labs will require.

Safety Standards:
Here we have summarised the main safety standards for the frame and each lens type. After each are their specific safety markings (i.e. 2C-1.2 1B T). To interpret these and understand the full specifications of each pair, please see our dedicated Standards Advice Section.

Frame – EN166 3 4 1B CE
BS EN 166 – Impact / Splash resistant
Clear Lens – 1B CE
BS EN 166 – Impact resistant
Lens Options:
We have a single lens available in this model. Please see our more advanced models for additional lens options. For a full explanation of the different lens types and their ideal usage please see our dedicated Lens Advice Section.

For additional information please click the image or ‘Full Specifications’ link above.

Impact resistant frame and lens
Splash resistant
Adjustable head band
Weight: 70g


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