Dochem Medical Grade TOPSAFE Earloop Face Mask 1A3100 Blue


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  • Ultrasonically welded to the mask, makes the soft knit earloops more comfortable and secure
  • Soft, special designed material to reduce skin irritation and allergic reactions
  • All days comfort provided
  • Highest quality filter media for best ASTM rating,filtration value and breathability
  • Added protection with unique material for maximum fluid resistance / protection against body fluids
  • Flat earloop provides comfort even wear for a long time

BFE(%): ≥99.8
PFE(%): ≥99.3
DELTA P(H2O/CM²): <5.0
MM Hg: 160


1, 10, 10 With Free Face Shield, 10 With Free Mask, 2, 20, 20 With Free Hand Sanitiser, 4, 5, 5 With One Free, 50, 50 With Free Hand Sanitiser, 6

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