DIY Antiseptic Spray Maker Detergent Maker Sodium Hypochlorite Generator SAVING!


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Techno Totalsafe Disinfectant Spray,Home-Made Sodium Hypochlorite Cleaner Spray Bottle,Disinfection Water Generator Machine for all purposes use such as household cleaning & pets

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-Why choose this?

Sodium hypochlorite is a strong oxidant, has a strong cleaning effect, and can replace oxidants such as bleach or surface cleaning products.

Eco-friendly, non-toxic, harmless and chemical residue-free sodium hypochlorite generator can be made at home with only salt and tap water, and it can safely disinfect all living aspects, such as clothing, food, housing and transportation.

Spray nozzle, one-key to turn on the clean water generation mode, it only takes few minutes to make it which keeps you and your family in safe and clean environment

kitchen and bathroom cleaning, furniture surface, air disinfection, wound disinfection, children toys, floor carpets, pet supplies, etc.Can be used on any surface such as showers, toilets, desk tops, pet gear, sports equipment and more.

Application: homes, schools, offices, hospitals, hotels and other public places. Physically, health and safety made to fully protect the health of families and children


-Color: White
-Material: PC, ABS.
-Size: 8.3×8.3×27.5cm
– Capacity: 350ml.
– Voltage: DC 5V 2A


-Do not use on silk, wool, nylon, leather, painted surfaces
-Do not use for aluminum, copper, carbon steel products, suitable for stainless steel appliances
-Do not mix with acid cleaner products (toilet cleaner, tile cleaner, bathroom cleaner, etc.)
-The effect of adding water and salt to shake the electrolytic money is better


1 Sodium Hypochlorite Generator
1 USB cable
1 Measuring spoon

Key: Covid-19, Hand gel, Hand Sanitizer, Dog Clean Cat clean killing virus. bleach

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