Premium Flashing Tape

"Premium Flashing Tape"

Can sustain exposure to direct sunlight for 90 days!

Watertight® is a flexible flashing tape used around framed joinery openings as a secondary weather-resistant barrier.

Watertight® Premium Flashing Tape is designed to prevent water penetration around window and door openings at framing junctions, and to keep any water that gets past the cladding or through the joinery from direct contact with the framing to which Watertight® has been applied.

It is also used to seal the upstand of window head flashing and meter boxes with built-in flanges to the building underlay.

If rigid barriers are used instead of building wrap, Watertight® can be used to flash the panels, as it can be exposed to direct sunlight for 90 days.

Watertight Flashing Tape BRANZ Appraisal 631

Industry Focused Products!

  • 1.2mm thick, with improved nail sealing ability
  • +5 C to +50 C application temperature range
  • Can be used with any BRANZ-approved building wrap
  • Can be used on rigid barriers
  • Can be exposed to direct sunlight for 90 days

Watertight® Premium Flashing Tapes can be exposed beyond 90 days, but as most building wraps need to be replaced after 60 days’ exposure (90 days for Watertight® Roof & Wall Wrap), BRANZ has recommended a 90-day maximum.

Watertight® Flashing Tape is a multi-layered 1.2mm thick flexible flashing tape. The top layer is pure aluminium, and the second layer is made of high-strength polyethylene raffia. The third layer is self-adhesive bitumen improved for New Zealand conditions, while the last layer is made of siliconized polyethylene.

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